Specializing in custom landscape design, Innovative Installs has a wealth of experience creating unique outdoor living spaces for both residential and commercial clients. We can complete your landscaping with a patio, sidewalk or retaining wall using interlock stone. After surveying various factors such as dimensions, ground conditions and design requests, we’ll design a landscape that will appeal to your personal style, taste and budget.


Innovative Installs offers professional patio design and installation. Whether you’re working on an urban patio, a rustic outdoor entertaining area or a stone terrace, we’ve got design ideas for you.

We create different styled patios using the full range of natural stone materials. Most of our work is with natural materials because we can create a higher finish and it is just as cost effective as other materials. All our interlocking stone patios are designed and layed to the highest standard. Turn your back patio into an outdoor oasis with inspiration from Innovative Installs.

retaining wallsretaining walls

Retaining walls have various functions including separating and defining garden beds, holding back soil and rock, creating separation between areas and adding design elements. Many of our clients with uneven properties have also added interlock stone retaining walls to their landscaping projects and are extremely satisfied with the added gain in usable space and safety they provide.

walkways & sidewalkssidewalks

Using only the highest quality materials, we work within your timeline and budget to create interlocking stone walkways & sidewalks that you will enjoy for years to come! Interlock paving stones can be laid effectively in high traffic areas. They can give the appearance of old cobble stone walkways, yet retain the functionality of poured concrete.

In addition, they will never crack or separate if the ground settles. Interlocking stones are an attractive and affordable substitution for poured concrete. Innovative Installs takes pride in the quality of our workmanship and professional services, while creating beautiful interlocking stone walkways.

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